Choosing an Instructor

To make a good choice, you must ask questions. The first questions should be addressed to yourself. Having these answers will help each school to respond to your needs.

Questions to ask yourself;

  • What type of training am I seeking for myself/my child?

  • Do I want sport training or do I want traditional martial-arts training for myself/my child?

  • Do I want myself/my child to train for tournaments and competitions?

  • Do I want myself/my child to train under an authentic martial-arts system?

  • Do I want myself/my child to train with martial arts weapons?

Next, you should interview the head instructor at each school of consideration.

Questions to ask a Head Instructor:

  • What type of martial arts do you teach?

  • Can I/my child attend or watch a class at no cost?

  • If we choose your school, do I have to sign a contract that financially ties me to your school regardless of whether I/my child continues to attend?

  • If a contract is mandatory, how long is the contract period?

  • Does the contract provide for a leave of absence, without financial obligation, for illness, injury, etc.?

  • Does the contract provide for a cancellation of the contract with no financial obligation if you give written notice?

  • Who can I expect or be guaranteed will teach my child? Will it be you? Will it be another black belt or one of your advanced students?

  • How much does it cost for lessons?

  • How many classes can I/my child attend each week for that same fee?

  • How often are students tested for promotion?

  • How much are the grading/testing fees?

  • What equipment will I/my child need? Roughly how much will that equipment cost?

  • Must I purchase that equipment from the school or can I get it where ever I wish?

  • Will you put everything you have explained to me in writing?

  • Can I take a couple of days to think about it?

  • Is the school/DOJO easy to access? Do they have off-street parking?

  • Is the school run in a professional manner?

  • How long has the school been in operation?

  • Does the school promote discipline?

  • What training have the instructors received/undertaken?

  • Does the school have insurance in case of an accident?

After you have interviewed the head instructor at the schools of consideration, you should make a personal assessment of those people. The head instructor sets the tone, the style, the philosophy of instruction at that school. Therefore, you must assess what type of attitude the head instructors have. Is their demeanour polite? Humble yet firm? Is it too arrogant? Too boisterous? Does the instructor seem secure in his or her own abilities? How does the head instructor feel to you?

If you are pleased with the answers the head instructor has given you, you like what is being taught, and the head instructor feels good, by all means sign up yourself or sign up your child. If you have doubts, or the instructor is pressuring you to sign now, or is reluctant to put what is said in writing, continue your search.

Remember, you should not base your decision on the costs alone. It is just as important that you or your child is receiving appropriate skills training and that you enjoy the classes and the general atmosphere of the school.

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