Karate Coloured Belts (Kyu Ranks)


Bushido Martial Arts Karate uses a similar Coloured Belt ranking system to that used in many styles of Karate.


It uses 4 formal levels of Coloured Belt and incorporates into these levels a number of 'Tip' levels, giving 8 levels of Coloured Belt.


White belt is the starting rank with students progressing towards their Brown belt. All junior students have a white stripe to indicate their junior rank.


The list below shows the Kyu or Coloured Belt levels used (the pictures depict a senior belt).



8th Kyu

7th Kyu

6th Kyu

5th Kyu

4th Kyu

3rd Kyu

2nd Kyu

1st Kyu


White Belt

White Belt with Blue Tips

Blue Belt

Blue Belt with Green Tips

Green Belt

Green Belt with Brown Tips

Brown Belt

Brown Belt with Black Tips

Example of a junior belt with a white stripe

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