Darren Macolino


Darren began his Martial Arts journey in 1997 at the St Peters Dojo under the guidance of Sensei Helene Neilsen with his sister Carina. He quickly came to love the style and the benefits it brought.  After much training he attained his Shodan in 2002 and later his Nidan in 2006.  


From 2002 he trained under Sensei Danny Martin and began helping in the kid’s class after being awarded Sempai. He has taught at the St Peters Dojo kids class ever since along with his sister Carina. It is a part of his life which has always been constant and he has always loved learning new skills and creating new understanding. 


By training in the Martial Arts, Darren was able to become a confident person and through teaching, has found joy in passing on his knowledge. After achieving the Dai Sempai teaching rank and 15 years after starting his journey, he expanded the St Peters Dojo to include an adults class on Monday evenings. Darren is now in retirement after 18 years of Karate but still checks in regularly on his old students!

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