Paul Shepherdson


Paul was first introduced to martial arts at the age 34 when Sam, his son, asked to try Karate. After seeing the positive attitude and team work in the group of children, Paul soon realised that acting on his son's request had exposed his son to some real positive influences and role models, not only within the Sensei (Teacher) but also within his peers.


After a few years Paul took the opportunity to start training, and enjoyed both the physical and mental aspects. In 2010 Paul was awarded the title of Sempai and continues to assist other students where he can. Paul believes one of the most satisfying feelings is helping other students reach their goals and learning from each other. 

In 2011 Paul completed his Shodan (Black Belt) grading and is now enthusiastic to continue to build on his skills. Paul thrives on the Bushido Martial Arts style, as BMA explores and embraces many different martial art styles.


Paul recognises the positive benefits BMA has had in his life and looks forward to further improving his skills and also hopes to help others through teaching and training.   

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