Renee Romeo

Upon commencing training in the martial arts at age 12, Renee envisaged learning all those spectacular techniques seen in the movies. Training in the early years was all about having fun and Renee was somewhat oblivious to the bigger picture of what martial arts had to offer. Renee was an enthusiastic student training 3-4 times a week when she was preparing for her black belt. The attainment of her black belt was a moment where Renee was inspired to continue with her journey as she had seen that her journey had only just begun. 


Renee had been assisting with teaching prior to achieving her black belt. This gave her a greater understanding of the martial arts and she was able to understand the benefits for her personal development. Renee also thrived on her ability to positively influence others.


After year 12 Renee studied a Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movement. While Renee continued to develop her teaching style, human movement gave her a strong understanding of appropriate training methods. Much of her theoretical knowledge of biomechanics and training principles has been implemented into her training methods. Following this Renee decided to study Masters in Occupational Therapy, which she completed in 2007.


Renee has now been training for over 15 years and has her 3rd degree black belt. Renee has a passion for sharing her knowledge with those that are willing to listen and learn. Renee continues to teach as it gives her satisfaction and enjoyment seeing others succeed and achieve their personal goals.

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