Carina Macolino

Carina began training in the style of Kin Bushi Ryu at the end of 1997 as an introverted 10 year old just for a bit of fun.

Under the guidance of Sensei Helene Neilsen at St Peters Dojo, she soon became more involved in the class and enjoyed learning self defence.

At that stage she had no idea that she would see such a huge improvement in her confidence, determination and fitness.

Steadily Carina progressed up the ranks, attaining her brown belt within 3 years. In preparation to complete her Shodan Ho grading in December 2001 as a senior, she begin training at the adults’ class at Magill under the leadership of Sensei (now

Renshi) Anthony Hudson in June 2001.

By the time she achieved her probationary black belt, she was training 3 times a week alongside other sports.

In 2002, she returned to St Peters Dojo to assist Sensei Danny Martin who had then taken over the running of the dojo.

In December 2002, Carina successfully completed her Shodan grading and was awarded the title of Sempai.

In July 2006, Carina attained the rank of Nidan and later that year was awarded the title of Dai Sempai.

Carina took up the challenge of leading St Peters Dojo as head instructor in July 2008.

Carina completed her Sandan examination in December 2013 and was promoted to the teaching rank of Sensei.

Carina is continuously enthused by the style taught by Bushido Martial Arts because it encompasses so many different types of martial arts and has helped her grow not just as a martial artist but also as a member the wider community.

It has improved her self-esteem and communication skills, especially through teaching and passing on the knowledge she has learnt.

Carina feels great satisfaction when assisting students to grow in confidence and achieve their goals.