Victor Pisaniello

Sensei Victor Pisaniello runs the adults and kids classes at Croydon Dojo.

Victor began training in 1995 at Magill Dojo with Anthony Hudson. He began training to improve his strength and fitness, but soon realised how much more there was to karate. His favourite aspects of training were hand-to-hand combat, and the judo and grappling techniques.

By 1997 he was an assistant instructor at Magill, enjoying the challenges of teaching both adults and children. In 1998 he began assisting Sensei Helene Nielsen and Sensei Danny Martin at St Peters Dojo, and assisting Sensei Matt McNamara at Prospect Dojo, before moving to Croydon in 2002 to help Sensei Maria LaRocca.

He slowly took on more responsibility at Croydon, and in 2007 he joined Sensei Maria as head instructor, as Sensei Maria was regularly working interstate. In 2008, Victor took over the management of the Croydon Dojo.

In 2007, Victor was presented with the rank of Sensei. In December 2008, Victor completed his 3rd Dan grading.

Outside of karate, Victor is a mechanical engineer working in the construction industry. He enjoys outdoor activities, sports of all kinds, and spending time with his wife and four young children.