Adults Karate

Women and men of all ages benefit from our broad Martial Arts curriculum. Training includes non-contact sporting concepts; anti-rape and self-defence strategies; traditional forms (kata) and as you progress, weaponry.

There is always something new and different to be learned, making your martial arts training interesting and fun. Our instructors are experienced and enthusiastic, and always available to help guide and assist you towards achieving your training goals.

Where most sports improve only certain aspects of fitness, our martial arts style provides a holistic style of fitness training, covering all the important aspects of fitness for physical health and lifelong mobility.

Our classes promote strength, cardio-vascular fitness, co-ordination and agility, reaction speed, flexibility, balance and relaxation. As well as the physical gains you will make from our training you will soon find your powers of concentration and awareness increase, along with an improved sense of well-being which comes from working towards and achieving your goals, both physical and mental.

In addition to the physical benefits, our style also helps to improve one's confidence in dealing with life and all of the challenges it presents. Members learn to focus their attention, overcome their fears and become more confident members of the community.

This increased level of focus and confidence can help members to perform better at school, be more efficient in their work, and be able to better handle the modern world.

The challenge in our training is from yourself to yourself, at your own pace. Facing the mental and physical challenges of martial arts training takes you on the path to true self-respect. It is the art of winning in everyday life; it is learning to be the best possible person you can be.

You will be supported and encouraged every step of the way by your instructors and your fellow members - no matter what your goal, it will be easier to reach when surrounded by people who are also striving to reach a similar goal, or people who have experienced working towards that goal successfully and understand the challenges you are facing.

For whatever reason you were attracted to our club, you will find training with us to be a rewarding experience and as time goes by you will become a more focussed, confident and respected member of the community.

If you'd like to start your karate journey, please contact your nearest dojo instructor!