All Karate Dojos with the Bushido Martial Arts group have the same membership, tuition and examination fees. The fees listed are correct as of 1st January 2023.

Membership Fee

A full year of membership is $60.00 and is due on the 1st July each year.

Members who join throughout the year will pay a pro-rata amount to cover their membership until the next full payment is due.

There are no family discounts for membership fees.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are paid in quarterly instalments and are due at the first training session of each term:

Note: Intermediate members are aged between 14 - 17 years who are training in an adults class and are studying full time. Concession card holders and full time students over the age of 18 are also eligible for intermediate fees upon the presentation of a valid concession card.

Family Discount

When two or more members of a family enrol a discount of 50% is given for the second and subsequent family members. The family member who incurs the highest training fee pays the full fee.

Family discounts only apply to Tuition Fees. They do not apply to Membership Fees, Examination Fees or equipment items purchased through your instructor.

Examination Fees

All examination fees must be paid in advance when the Examination Nomination form is submitted prior to the examination nomination closing date.

Dan level examination fees also include the belt embroidery and if applicable, stripes.

Dan level score sheets, certificates and belts will be presented at the formal presentation dinner held within 2 weeks after the examination.