Kids Karate

The kids karate program was developed to allow kids from 5 - 14 years of age learn within their own age group in what has previously been a predominately adult area.

How can Bushido Martial Arts Kids Karate classes help your child?

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve fitness, strength and flexibility

  • Improve motor skills, balance and coordination

  • Develop self-defence skills

  • Develop self-discipline and respect

Every child needs a sense of confidence, pride and security, especially in today's world. Children today are faced with difficulties and decisions at ever younger ages, which they are often ill equipped to face. The martial arts is regarded as one of the best ways of developing the necessary qualities kids today will need to cope with the demands of life in a modern world. Bushido Martial Arts Kids Karate is about creating better people, better community members, better lives.

Our traditions develop discipline and character, that result in children with improved self esteem, self control and the skills to make wise decisions. In an increasingly aggressive and competitive world, children need to understand that the choices they make can change the course of their life. Bushido Martial Arts Kids Karate helps children develop a deeper understanding of true self-discipline and the value of hard work – they can have pride in their achievements that comes from knowing what they put into getting there, which nobody can take away from them. This develops real self-esteem, the knowledge that you have done something worthy, earned it through your own hard work. To non martial artists the belt is just a belt, but to the person who earned it, it is a symbol of dedication, hard work and discipline that will stay with you for life.

In a country with an ever increasing obesity problem, regular physical activity is a habit that children should be encouraged to get into from an early age. The martial arts is the only physical activity that develops your child's physical skills in a totally balanced way, with every important aspect of fitness addressed. Our modern training methods will help your child develop aerobic fitness and strength with the fun and challenging tasks faced in class. Their coordination and balance will be enhanced through the many drills and activities that are a regular part of their karate training. Their core strength and flexibility will be regularly trained, improving their posture and mobility, building a foundation for a lifetime of good physical ability. The self-defence training and drills develop not only self-defence skills, but also improved agility and reaction time. There is no sport which provides such a full and varied physical fitness program.

Social skills and psychological goals are also of great importance; through comradeship and discipline the children learn respect and appreciation of others. Through their martial arts training, children learn to respect others for who they are, rather than what they have or how they look, they learn to respect effort as well as achievement. Our non-competitive learning environment can give children who are less physically gifted the chance to achieve. As your child progresses in rank, teaching tasks help them develop responsibility and leadership skills, and gives them the opportunity to learn the value of giving and sharing knowledge.

You need only watch one of these classes to feel uplifted and excited by the opportunity the children are given.

If you'd like to start your child's karate journey, please contact your nearest dojo instructor!